Michigan State - 04.10.10

Michigan State

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Penn State - 04.03.10

STATE COLLEGE, NY (SURFC) -- A tradition for the boys in orange and blue for the last few years has been traveling down to Pennsylvania for some good rugby and escape the frozen over tundra of Syracuse. This year it was a trip to State College to face a more competitive side in Penn State then in years past, prepping them for there trip to California for Nationals. Penn State clinched the first seed out of the MARFU a week earlier and had some injuries in there backline as Syracuse's entire front row was absent from the roster sheet ridden with injuries. The Penn State side came out pressuring the Hammerheads from the first whistle. Syracuse would finally awaken towards the last minutes of the 1st half with a big hits and pressure finally coming from the defense allowing for the Hammerheads to get on the board before half. The 2nd half would start with Penn State up 26-5 but the game had taken a very different tone. Syracuse's defense proved to make the adjustments to slow down the Nittany Lions and jump start the offense. The Syracuse club also tested their depth for the second straight week, while keeping even with Pennsylvania boys 15-15 in the second half with the final score resulting in a Penn State win 41-20.

Army/Mystic River - 03.27.10

WEST POINT, NY (SURFC) -- Syracuse traveled down to West Point for a round robin between Army and Mystic Rivers B sides. The Anderson Rugby Complex is familiar ground for the Hammerheads over the last two years with a record of 2-2 reaching the NRU Championship match both years. Army would be the first of the day:s competitors and in a game consisting of two 20 minute halves. After a hard fought half the game was tied 5-5 at halftime. Some alignment issues mixed with some poor tackle technique and the teams depth being tested for the first time in the spring proved too much for the Syracuse team to deal with versus an aggressive Army Side as the Cadets won 20-5. The second game of the day was a battle of back and forth with the Mystic River B side showing good continuity and the Syracuse side still having the same problems. Syracuse:s size and strength however was a bit more noticeable in the latter match being able to out muscle the opposing side in most phases and creating match up problems in lineouts for both teams. Syracuse would be able to out last the Mystic River side 15-14 and get the win.

Argentina Tour - 03.20.10

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA (SURFC) -- The Hammerheads ventured down to the southern hemisphere for a foreign take on the game. Not knowing what to expect they held practice the day they touched down in Argentina surveying the pitch and getting in a good run around before the coming days matches. Saturday would come quick and the Hammerheads would face some changes in the day's fixtures. The home club, Centro Naval; the expected opponent, had another opponent grace them with their presence, Don Bosco, and the SU Club took on both comers on the day in a round robin. Starting off first with the surprise team of the day, Don Bosco University, in a single 30 period minute period the 'Cuse team started off slow but would adapt to the oppositions offense shutting them out and getting points towards the backend of the period winning 17-0

With first match out of the way the team took sometime to enjoy the sun and watch its next opponent, Centro Naval; facing against its latter Don Bosco. Centro Naval's thirds looked stronger and Syracuse prepared for such an adversary. The game got off to a quicker start for the Hammerheads feeling a bit of a groove and proving to be just as stingy on defense. Centro Naval proved to be a better skilled opponent but the movement and support the SURFC was playing with proved to be too much for the Home club to handle, losing to SU 33-0 in two 20-minute halves. 3 Days into the trip Syracuse would face Vincente Lopez RFC's 2nd side in it's first 80 minute match of the spring with another twist it also was the first to be played under the lights. Kick off was at 830 pm on a breezy warm night. The Argentinean lads kicked the ball early using the wind to their advantage to pin back the Hammerheads but strong counter attack with trys coming on the end of each attempt curbed the strategy and kicks were reserved to kicking into SURFC 22 in an attempt to touch down for 5 as SU's continuity continued from the previous days. The SU defense proved to be sturdy once again winning against its third opponent 54-12.

After a few days of rest in the new city of Mar Del Plata , the Hammerheads undefeated in their new digs craved an opponent in the higher ranks within Argentinean rugby after running through 2nds, 3rds and Universities. In the southern hemisphere if you ask you will receive and the last opponent of the tour would be Bigua's premier side. The local people greeted the team with warmth but the game would be anything but friendly. The home club proved to be tough, gritty and sticking their tackles well and hard even on the fringe of late as the referee allowed a free and flowing game to be played. Syracuse adjusted in time from playing on their back foot to reversing roles and began attacking in the opposition's 22. However the relentless nature of the Argentineans on this day disrupted the good chances Syracuse obtained and the game went into the last 5 minutes with a 5-0 lead to the boys in Orange and Blue. The game picked up in intensity and as tempers flared and the home team became frustrated a few forwards of the opposition got tangled with a handful of the Hammerhead's finest and Bigua slipped through the tour's iron clad defense that stopped everything in the 22 including multiple attempts on the try line giving Bigua the edge on the day 7-5 leaving the Hammerheads with a record of 3-1 on the trip but still felt it left with a sour taste in its mouth hungry to avenge their loss.

Big Red Rivals - 03.06.10

SYRACUSE, NY (SURFC) -- The spring season and road to the USA Collegiate Championship began versus former NYS Rival, Cornell. The friendly was held in Syracuse at the Carrier Dome, making it the first Rugby Match to be held at the home of the Orange since its construction. The game was closed to the public but for anyone who would of liked to attend they would have been proud. After roughly 4 months off since the Hammerheads concluded their season at the Anderson Rugby complex facing Army in the NRU Championship, the Syracuse Boys got off to a hot start showing continuity and relative fitness during their first spring match. The Boys in orange and blue got enough of a cushion to where some development players were able to be mixed in with the first side helping the clubs depth and overall future development. Cornell would score late but it was a try more for pride then the match, Syracuse wins 50-5.

New York State Rugby
Conference Division One

Pts. W L T School
27 5 1 0 Syracuse
26 5 1 0 St Bonaventure
23 4 2 0 Brockport SUNY
20 4 2 0 Buffalo SUNY
13 2 4 0 Albany SUNY
8 1 5 0 Binghamton SUNY
2 0 6 0 Cortland SUNY

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